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Spectrum Choice 14% Horse (pellet)


A few months ago we decided to try the 14% horse pellet feed offered by
Spectrum.   We had a little stallion who we leased to a friend for a
couple of months for their breeding season.

He has always been a very high strung little guy and while we understand his feeding needs he  was  not monitored closely enough when he went to the other location, and he went downhill quickly before the other breeder realized he  was in trouble.

When we picked him up we  were shocked at his condition and worried that we might even have to euthanize prior to winter if we could not make a substantial weight recovery.

Over the next couple of months we tried various products with higher percentages of fat in order to get some condition back on the poor little guy and nothing was working.

Long story short, the staff at Spectrum told us that their "Choice 14% Horse Pellet" was highly touted  by horse owners.

We bought the product and the pictures tell the whole story.

Meet the before and after of Kobecks Chief O Hatchee, miniature horse stallion, 23 years young.

Thanks Spectrum,  for giving us back O Hatchee.


Jim and Gene Baynham

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