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There are several products that make up The Spectrum Horse feed line.   All are to be fed in conjunction with good low dust hay and none are designed to be fed as the sole source of the diet.

We offer the following products for horses:

Spectrum Choice 14% Horse (pellet)  

Often times pelleted feeds get a “bad wrap”.   Many times we hear that pellets are just a way of hiding “junk” ingredients.   First of all, there are very few junk ingredients, and none in our facility.   All of our poultry products, dairy feeds, and even our pet foods have ground ingredients where the individual ingredients cannot be seen.   Our customers rely on us to set the standard as to the level of nutrition and then make sure we meet this level.   We have not changed the formulation of this product in over 15 years.   We consistently are told by our customers that it is the best feed they have ever used.   It is excellent for holding good body condition or improving the body condition of horses.   We don’t have many secrets, maybe none, but we do make a feed that uses good ingredients and it is not supplemented with higher fiber ingredients.   You have the fiber in your hay and there is no sense to pay for it if there is not a specific need.   The product is priced well and feeding rates can be kept low under lighter working conditions.

Spectrum Textured Horse 12% Roasted Beans

This diets was specifically formulated for a group of people that were looking for a feed to fit and condition work horses.   The nutrition is similar to the 14% above but uses whole roasted soya beans.   The roasted soya beans contain 20% soya oil which adds a significant shine to the horse’s coat.

Spectrum Choice Horse Supplement

This is a 20% supplement designed to be fed with on farm grain or top fed.   When mixed on the farm the supplement should be blended at a rate of 200kgs of supplement to 800kgs of grain and fed as a complete feed with forages.   Some customers have fed the grain and supplement separately with good results.    The supplement can be fed without grain to horses where there is a risk of the horse becoming overweight when conventional horse feeds are fed.  It is an excellent product to feed to older horses as their protein requirements are higher.  An average feeding rate of .5kg is recommended.

Spectrum Choice Horse Premix

This is a vitamin and mineral source that contains no grain or protein.   It can be used alongside on farm grains to ensure similar vitamin mineral intake that would be present in a complete horse feed.   It also works well when forages are of a high quality and grain is not required to maintain proper body condition.   This mineral was designed several years ago after a customer asked us to formulate a mineral similar to a product he used in Germany.   He has had excellent results using this product alongside straight barley for many years. 

Spectrum Country Horse 12% 

This is a “sweet feed” style coarse feed, where a pellet portion contains the added protein, vitamins, and minerals.   The pellets are then mixed with rolled grains (oats, barley, corn) and added molasses.     

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