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    The future performance of a dairy herd depends on many things.   Producers are continually applying new concepts to improve farm economics.   Many things can be done but there needs to be a continual supply of high quality replacement animals.   Without continual improvement in genetics, herd performance can stall.

     Unfortunately calf and heifer feeding may not get the attention it should.  We have built a variety of products designed to increase growth rates, reduce overall feeding costs, and ensure that a strong healthy animal enters the milking herd.

     Many feed suppliers recognize that little attention is paid in this area so they provide inexpensive products that produce mediocre results.   This is an easier way to sell heifer feed but not the best for your bottom line.   Increasing the nutrition in these diets can significantly reduce days to breeding size, reducing the time to first calving, and consequently the cost of feeding the heifer.

We offer the following products for heifers:

38% Heifer Supplement

Over the years this has been an excellent seller.   It is a dense source of nutrition designed to be fed at .5kg per day to growing heifers from 6 months until breeding size.   This is not a cheap product per tonne but cost per day is very good compared to products that are fed at one or more kgs per day.

Heifer Premix

This is a mineral that should be fed to heifers after they are bred up until three weeks before calving.   Fed alongside good quality forage, this is an economical way of maintaining economical gain until she enters the milking herd.

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