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Welcome to Spectrum Livestock/Agricultural Division

In 1991 we started into the highly competitive livestock feed business.   At the time, excess production in the feed business meant that that the environment was not well suited to a supplier in a business that had such high capital requirements.   In order to survive and grow we had to have superior products that could translate to better customer value.   Whenever new feed ingredients, additives, or feeding concepts became available we thoroughly analyzed their effectiveness from our customer’s perspective.   We would apply the product or concept once we were firmly convinced ourselves it was in our customer’s best interest.


    This did not mean we were making inexpensive products.   In many cases the best value came from more complex ingredient mixes and more dense nutrient concentrations.   The value would be seen by getting excellent performance with lower feeding rates that, in many cases, translated into lower feed cost. 


     The easiest way for us to sell feed is to give a cheap price.   The problem is cheap prices for feed come from cheap ingredients and feeds made from these ingredients simply produce less meat, milk, or eggs.   Cheap feeds can often times lead to reduced farm profitability.  When we formulate diets for livestock animals we are looking to provide the lowest cost for a given amount of production that keeps the animal healthy.


      It is easy for us to supply the standard of our industry.   This is not our goal.   We work hard to provide superior products and services designed to improve profit.

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