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There can be different feeding strategies for meat birds depending on target weights.   If the targeted market weight is in the 7lb to 9lb range feed the Spectrum Chick Starter crumble to 6 weeks of age and then switch to the Broiler Grower/ Finisher short cut pellet until market weight.  

It should be kept in mind that chickens, both meat bird and layers can be healthy in cooler temperatures but the bird will dramatically increase feed consumption in cold weather to stay warm.   It is always less expensive to add supplemental heat than it is to feed, to keep the bird warm.   This higher feed consumption can significantly increase the feed cost of producing a bird.

Laying Hens

We stock 3 different complete feeds designed to be fed to laying hens.   The density of the diets do not vary between the three products.

17% Layer (pellet)

17% Omega layer with enhanced levels of Omega 3 (pellet)

17% Layer Coarse (using rolled grains and all vegetable ingredients)


All three of these feeds are designed to be fed as the sole ration.   They are all formulated with all of the vitamins and minerals but it is recommended to add additional oyster shell at 12kgs per tonne of feed at peak production.


Our back yard Turkey feeding program consists of three products.   The Turkey Starter is fed to 6 weeks of age, the Turkey Grower from 6 to 12 weeks and the Turkey Finisher up until market.   We have seen 50 plus lb turkey toms however some customers have elected to mix the turkey finisher with whole mixed grain to slow growth rates later in the finishing phase so that the weights are more suitable for their market.

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