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Sheep & Goat

   The sheep and goat business has grown significantly over recent years.   Increased demand for both meat and milk has seen substantial growth in processing distribution, and sales.

     For many years the nutrition technology has lagged behind other areas of animal agriculture especially dairy cow nutrition.   The funny thing is that much of the new concepts and innovation in dairy cow nutrition has come from research that has used sheep and goats for doing the testing and research.   The reason for this is that the sheep and goats have similar responses as they are ruminants and they are much cheaper to do research work.

     For many years we have worked to provide the latest technologies in dairy cow feeding and we have applied many of these concepts to feeding sheep and goats.   Many competitors simply provided average nutrient density products in a “one case fits all” approach.   We now customize products for these animals to match the forages that are on the farm. 

     One thing has become clear and that is sheep and goats require high nutrient density products to milk and grow well.   There feed consumption is low so what they consume makes a big difference.   In many cases producers feed a High Energy Top Dress to raise the nutrient density particularly to fresh sheep and goats.   There is no guess work to using this product.   Animals respond immediately when fed increased density.   When cows, sheep and goats are fed higher levels of quality protein at peak at peak production, they will respond within a few days if they have not been fed to meet their genetic potential.

We offer the following products for sheep:

18% Lamb Grower Coarse  

This textured complete feed carries all of the nutrition needed provide excellent growth rates to growing sheep when fed with forages.   It is formulated to provide good feed intake levels.

15% Lamb Grower Coarse

36% Sheep Supplement

This is a 36% protein supplement that contains all of the vitamins and minerals when mixed with on farm grain to make a quality complete feed.

We offer the following products for goats:

MapleView Kid Start Milk Replacer (22-22-25)

This is a highly digestible, skim milk based milk replacer designed for optimal growth of young kid goats.

Extruded Calf Starter

Designed for feeding young goats.   The extrusion process cooks the grains in the product increasing the available energy of the diet.   The physical size and texture stimulates intake.

40% Dairy Goat Supplement (pellet)

This 40% protein product is designed to be fed on farm along with grain to make the equivalent of a complete feed.   The supplement provides all of the protein, vitamins and mineral to make a quality complete feed.

16% Goat Grower (pellet)

This is a mid range complete feed to be fed along with forages to growing goats.

We offer several different options for customizing feeds to fit specific management styles and forage types and qualities.   This requires forage analysis to determine the precise characteristics of the feed.  

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